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Many people love fedoras, although it's not really for everybody but I believe if you properly incorporate it into your wardrobe, it adds a bit of spice to your outfit. In this article, we're going to talk about the different styles, where can you find one, how and when should you wear fedora and what's the whole point of wearing a fedora and most importantly what's your size like how can you properly size your head so that the fedora can fit you perfectly. So, without further ado let's get into it now.

If you tell your buddies that you about to get a fedora, this image most likely pops in the head none other than the great Indiana Jones wearing. What is affectionately known as the Indiana Jones hat which is really a safari hatch which you can distinctively identify from its tall crown and soft brim.

The next style is the trilby now the trilby is the more common more popular style in this modern age. If you step out the house and you see someone wearing a fedora most likely they're wearing trilby, you can identify it from the very small brim that it has usually ranges between an inch and a half to two inches the four inch’s crown with a teardrop shape on the top.

The third style is the pork pie very similar to a trilby, in the sense that the brim is very short. The distinctive difference is with the pork pie the top of the crown has a much rounder shape as opposed to a teardrop shape.

The fourth style is the straw fedora or the Panama hat as you can guess from the name. It's made out of straw which makes it very durable and breathable. The best time to wear this is during the summertime when it's hot. If you go to the beach you'll see a lot of folks wearing the straw fedora.

The fifth type of fedora is your classic fedora which usually comes with a much wider brim which can be stiff or soft based on your preference and your standard four inch crown. Now all of these hats that i just mentioned you would usually see some sort of band around the base of the crown.

How to wear a fedora hat?

Well, you can wear it regular how it's meant to be worn. Or, if you want to be more stylish more rakish, you can tilt it to the side just a tad bit to give it stylish look. Another thing i love about fedoras is you can personalize it so you can add pins on it stickers feathers playing cards, you can wrap a bandana around the base of the crown and truly make the fedora your own.

When should you wear a fedora?

A big part of the wind depends on the climate so I wouldn't suggest you wear a wool fedora in the summer or a straw fedora in the winter for obvious reasons. so you have to be mindful of the environment that you're in. But in terms of situations whenever you want to wear it you know it's an excellent accessory to add to your overall ensemble but it doesn't necessarily complete it. You can wear a whole outfit and not wear a fedora and still look decent or you can wear an outfit with a fedora and look decent as well it's nice to have it's not a necessary accessory like a watch. I know a lot of people will tend to say you should only wear fedoras when wearing a suit or some kind of jacket, but you can wear them anytime you want even if it is just a white tee, a fedora goes well with that.

Why wear fedora?

It does serve a purpose which is to provide you protection and comfort in the weather you're in. comparing a regular baseball hat to a fedora. With a baseball hat, you got a brim that goes only one way but with a fedora classic fedora, you got a brim that goes all around your head, giving you 360 protection from the sun's heat. The crown also protects and gives your head comfort.  Taking a guy like me during this time of year when it's really cold, I don't want that cold breeze on my ball head, I have found that wool felt fedoras, it gives me more protection and insulation better than a beanie. During the summertime, wearing a straw for the fedora makes it breathable, it allows air to go through the fedora while also in my head so it serves as ventilation.

Where can you buy these fedoras?

First i will say start locally look to see if there's a local mom and pop store, that sells these hats you can go in, you can touch this and see how they feel, you can look at different styles, you might be a pork pie type of guy or, you might be a classic fedora kind of guy so it would, be best to go into a store like that and, see what you like, also have somebody in that store to size, up your head so you can see what your exact size is, but if you do not have that option there are other brands that you can you can get hats from on the internet um such as popular ones like Mossant you got the one  there's a whole bunch of other brands out there trust me, once you start looking the fedoras you will go down a very deep rabbit hole and your wallet might hit you for it so be careful.

OK, we went through the various styles, when you should wear it how you should wear it, where should you buy it from, but before all that, you got to know your size whether you're going to purchase it online or you're going to go to an actual brick and mortar store. It's best to know your size before you go. It's very simple how to measure your head. ll you need is a measuring tape and what you want to do is measure around where the fedora will actually sit on your head. For me it sits right above my eyebrows, so i take the measuring tape and, I just measure all the way around and i don't want to make it too snug I want to keep a little bit loose, just want to keep it a little bit loose, and then just put my finger, where it stops and i am about a 60 centimeters so I have a big head. Yeah, that's how you figure out how a fedora should fit you and the right size if you're in between sizes i would say go up a size you want to be on the safe side and have a fedora that just fits you slightly、loosely like i bought one and it was true to size when i bought it. Actually it was down the side this is a 58 cm and I'm actually a 60cm and you can see it just fits my head real nice and snug. I like it, I still worried but hindsight. I should have gone up a size to a 60, but once you do you pick the right hat and there you have it done.

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