Hat Guide

1. Face Shape

Face Shape PhotoFace Shape NameSuitable Hat Style


cowboy hat

sun hat

wide brims


beanie hat fedora



all the styles


pork pie hat


wide brims







wide brims

cowboy hats

2. How To Measure Your Head Circumference

If you do not know your head circumference , you can just follow the steps below to find out the size of your head :

Step 1: Find a measuring tape or a piece of string that you will later hold up to a long ruler/measuring tape.

Step 2: Put the tape/string all the way around your head, going from 1cm above your ears and passing through the middle of your forehead. Make the tape/string not too tight.

Step3: Check the length numbers of the tape to get your size in inches or centimeters.

Step4: Find proper hat of your size from Mossant hat collection.

3. To Know What Is Your Size

Measurement in InchesHat SizeHat LabelEuropean Size
21 1/86 3/4S54
21 1/26 7/8S55
21 7/87M56
22 1/47 1/8M57
22 5/87 1/4L58
237 3/8L59
23 1/27 1/2XL60
23 7/87 5/8XL61
24 1/47 3/4XXL62

4. Hat Care

1. Always handle your hat by the brim. Avoid handling the crown as much as possible. This is particularly true for straw hats.

2. Never rest your hat on its brim. Turn it upside down and rest it on the crown. Resting a hat on the brim will flatten-out the brim.

3. Dust your hat with a soft-bristled brush to keep it clean.

4. Heat will shrink the interior sweatband - avoid exposure to stoves, radiators, lamps and car windows.

5. Store your hat in a cool dry place to help it to retain its shape and stay clean. Out-of-season, store your hat in a hat box. If your felt hat gets wet, first return the hat to its original shape, then turn down the interior leather sweatband and rest the hat on the sweatband to dry. Avoid resting the hat on its brim while wet. Do not expose a wet hat to heat.