The pork pie hats style is a stylish and timeless hat that takes its name from a British delicacy. What makes the pork pie hat special is its unique shape, all of which bear superficial resemblance to a pork pie. That's why is it called a pork pie hat. It is the mark of the determined hipster. You can enjoy a classic style made from 100% wool felt or natural straw material. If you need any help, please feel free to let us know and we will give the response to you within 24 business hours.


Q: Why do they call it a pork pie hat?

A: Also called the English pastry hat, the pork pie got its name from its telescoped crown which features a slight lip around the upper edge of the crown and therefore looks similar to a traditional English meat pie.

Q: Who should wear a pork pie hat?

A: A pork pie hat can easily be worn by anyone with a long, short or oval shaped face, but should be avoided if you have either a round or square face. A porkpie tends to have a shorter crown than either a trilby or fedora hat, so is ideal if you're quite tall and not looking to add any more height.