What is a Fedora Hat?


If you've seen the movie Indian Jones, you can't forget Harison Ford's captivating tough guy image. When we marvel at his acting skills, we must also be attracted by the hat he wears. Yes, that is the fedora hat tough guy image we are going to introduce to you.

What is a fedora hat?

The fedora hat is a hat with a flat brim and a concave crown in the middle. At the front of the hat, there are two symmetrical depressions called "hat eyes". Usually when we put on and take off hats, we often use our thumb and ring finger to pinch the eye of the hat, while the index finger and middle finger are placed on the front part of the hat head.


According to Wikipedia's definition, a fedora hat is a soft felt hat, but obviously this definition is too narrow. The soft brim is indeed a characteristic of a fedora hat, but at the same time, there are a lot of stiff brim styles in the modern fedora hat style, which makes the fedora brim flatter and easier to maintain. From another point of view, the material for making Fedora is not limited to felt, a large number of straw hats are also given the shape of fedora to meet the needs of people in hot seasons.

The history of the fedora hat

Although in today's era, fedora hat is more of an important part of men's accessories, but if you trace its origin, you will find that fedora hat actually originated from women's clothing. The word ”Fedora” was first used in 1881, when playwright Victorien Sardou used it in the title of a play for Sarah Bernhardt in 1882. The play premiered in the United States in 1889. Bernhardt plays the show's heroine, Princess Fedora Romanov. Wears a soft-brimmed hat with a center pleat in the play. The hat was fashionable for women, and the feminist movement used it as a symbol. The gradual popularity of the Fedora hat by men began when Edward, Prince of Wales (later the Duke of Windsor) began to wear it in 1924. Its simple and bright shape and weatherproof function catered to men's dual requirements for fashion and practical functions.

fedora history

The component of fedora hat

Below, we will give you a more in-depth understanding of fedora hat from the local to the whole through the detailed introduction of each component.

Hat Crown

The fedora hat crown comes two classical shapes, one is called “Water Drop or Tear Drop” which the shape is exactly like a water drop (tear drop), another is called ‘Diamond’, which shows the diamond bumps on the smooth surface of the felt.

As for the height of the crown, it will be found between 6cm and 12cm, it depends on the styles and designs. Normally,the different sides of the crown, the height are not same.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, fedora hats have two "hat eyes". Generally speaking, the depth of the "hat eyes" is related to the shape of the hat head. The deeper the hat eye, the sharper the hat head; the hat eye is shallow, then there will form a hat head with a width of 2-3 cm.

Hat Brim

Usually, Fedora hat's brim is roughly divided into three types according to the width.

1. Narrow Brim: the width of the brim between 4cm to 6cm; Hats of this size are favored by most Asian users and traditional European users as well as older male users.

2. Middle Brim: the width of the brim between 6cm to 8cm. Hats of this size are widely accepted by middle-aged men and women. Of course, according to different styles, colors and designs, many young people also like to use hats of this size to make more abundant changes in clothing matching.

3. Wide Brim: the width of the brim is around 8cm to 10cm, some of the designs are even more reach to 12cm.

In the traditional fedora hat, the hat brim is all flat. The modern fedora hat has inherited this tradition. So, the brim of the fedora hat that you see now hasn't changed from 100 years ago. However, the designers have made some explorations in the shape of the hat edge to meet the needs of The Times, and on the following point in this article.

wide brim porkpie hat.jpg

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Hat Edge

The treatment of the hat edge always reflect the styles of the hat design.

1. Row edge, also know as “cut-off edge”. It is one of the closest to the natural state of several hat trimming methods. The edge of the brim remains in the state where the excess part of the brim is cut off, without adding any decorative materials, many customers like this natural state.

2. Bound edge : This method refers to wrapping the cut edge of the hat with fabrics of different materials. On the one hand, it plays a decorative role, and on the other hand, it can also protect the edge to prevent wear and tear. The most commonly used material for wrapping the edge of the hat is the grosgrain due to it’s soft texture and bright color. The width of the bound edge is usually 1cm with the fabric matching color or contract color of the hat body.

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3. Over welt edge and Under welt edge : If we roll up the cut edge from 1-1.5 cm, and sew the turning part on the brim, then we can get the effect of the “over welt edge”; in contrast, if the rolling is down to the underbrim , the effect of the edge we will get is called ‘underwelt edge’ and also known as “cavanagh edge”. For soft body fedora hat , the plastic wire or the metal wire will be blinded inside the edge to maintain the shape of the edge.

4. Pencil brim: Although the name is related “brim” but it’s actually the method of the treatment of the hat edge, The shape of the “pencil brim” is The shape of the pencil brim is with the cap rim rolled up by 1 cm to 2 cm and keep it set, the curling edge is similar to the sawdust rolls we form when sharpening a pencil.

The Decorations

The hat band is the most important decoration of a fedora hat. It’s located at the foot of the hat crown. The grosgrain and the cotton fabric are the most commonly used materials for the band. Of course, other materials are also seen on the different designed fedora hats as the hat band such as the wax rope, cotton cords, small stone chains, bling bling metal chains, and so on.  A bow or flat buckle is also a standard combination on the side of the band. For some hat brands, there will be a metal emblem designed to fix on the side of the band.

The Sweatband and Lining

When we talk about the internal component of a fedora hat, the sweatband must be the first topic. The sweatband is the part that comes into direct contact with the skin of your head when you wear a fedora hat. For making the wearer feel comfortable, 100% cotton fabric must be the best option due to the excellent breathability and sweat absorption performance. Elastic sweat band ,as its adjustable, will be used to make the hat to meet more customer’s head size and the leather sweat band, although can not adjust the size, but will improve the quality of the hat greatly.

The feature of fedora hat

About the material to make a fedora hat

The original material which is used to made the fedora hat is the soft felt. The felt can be made of wool, fine wool, super fine wool and the hair of the rabbit. Beaver, as the well known high level material, is always used to make the luxury fedora hats. As mentioned above, many kinds of straw also can be used to make just like raffia straw fedora hat, paper straw fedora hat, palm straw fedora hat.

The styles and the popular audience

In Europe and Asia, the traditional narrow brim fedora is still popular, Many middle-aged people are loyal users of the narrow hat fedora hat, whether made is felt or straw. Of course, the style is also popular by some North Americans, although users in this area seem to show more interest in medium and wide fedora. In Australia, this vast wilderness has spawned a love for Fedora with wide hats. To meet the people's needs, many traditional narrow brim have been extended to the original cap, which may be more protected in the Australian sun.

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