front view of straw work hat
oblique view of straw work hat
side view of straw work hat
back view of straw work hat
top view of straw work hat
inside view of straw work hat
hatband detail of straw work hat
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DITRY Palm Fiber Straw Work Hat Middle Brim Tan

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It looks very refined with its elegantly dented crown and the classic grosgrain ribbon trim with refined bow are suitable finishing touches on this stylish Panama hat plain-colored finish. This elegant Mossant straw work hat with a casual charm is ideal for both men and women of the world, but also looks great on a barkeeper and proves itself to be a comfortable companion on beach holidays. No matter what it's worn with, this sun hat is the expressive icing on the cake with any outfit.

  • Palm Fiber

  • Stylish

  • High Quality

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